How will the Basilisk help me?

Become a better gamer

Take advantage of your peripheral vision – allow Pink Basilisk to show you vital information through the corner of your eye.

Chill your eyes

Let Pink Basilisk take the strain off your eyes by creating a soft halo of light around your screen: better entertainment, less red eyes.

Bring disco back

Throw a real house party in your room, use Pink Basilisk to set the mood! A light show, synced to the beat. Time to shake it!

Step up your game!

We’re working on compatibility with further games. Sign up for our news and we’ll let you know what other games can utilize the Basilisk!

Pink Basilisk is compatible with most Windows versions and communicates using a USB 2.0 protocol.

What is it good for?

Game data casting

Get the most essential in-game information cast to the Pink Basilisk towers in real time. Left side is Health, right is Ammo. Or Left is Primary Attack, right is Booster cooldown. You name it, configure it in seconds and never take your eyes off the crosshair again.

Ambient halo casting

Use the towers to cast a halo of light around your screen, making screen watching less straining for your eyes. The LEDs will continue repeating the side-screen colors to enhance your visual experience of any game or movie.

Light show to your music

Turn your desktop into disco gear! Switch to music mode and Pink Basilisk will throw a real house party feel in your room. Feel the music become animated and your becoming a club where the party lasts as long as you want!


Boast to anyone you know about getting notifications at the speed of light! Set up your Pink Basilisk to let you know if you get subscribed to on Twitch, answered on Reddit, mentioned on Twitter or whatever interaction that matters to you.

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